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Soul: The spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body.
Nectar: A thick sweet juice made from a particular fruit.

Do you enjoy deep spiritual conversation, hearing people’s inspirational life stories, and learning new ways to increase peace, joy, connection and prosperity?

Each week on Soul Nectar is another inspirational story of connection to essence, purpose, joy and love along with the vulnerable realities of the spiritual journey. Come along with us!

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You’re ready to dive deep into your own soul nectar, aren’t you? Let’s talk!

EVE Consciousness with Dr Leslie Wells
Everything in her childhood—from her Christian upbringing to her trauma-induced spinal malformation and steel rod fusion—prepared Dr Leslie Wells for
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True To Myself with Amy Toy
Growing up, Amy Toy experienced conditions that would have made her crazy except for the constant guidance from her angels.
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Second Wind with Joyce Buford
When her husband returned from a retreat with his coach, she discovered surreptitiously that he planned to leave the marriage.
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Mindful and Activated with Bruce Langford
One day when Bruce Langford was working as the music teacher for a school, he witnessed a student being bullied
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