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February 18, 2024: Venus Envy with Gary Stuart
February 4, 2024: Celebrating Women with Ginny Robertson
January 28, 2024: Becoming Your Own Matriarch with Kylie Patchett
January 21, 2024: #2 Episode of 2023 - Nichole Bigley and Scott Guerin, Looking for Angels
January 14, 2024: #1 Episode of 2023 - Lisa Barnett, Your Soul Has A Plan
December 31, 2024: Healers Coming Together with Laura Di Franco
December 26, 2023: Metaphysical Quest with Derek Loudermilk
December 17, 2023: Shedding Sinfulness with Shanna Vavra
December 10, 2023: Experience the Unexpected with Lynnsey Robinson
November 19, 2023: Intuition on the Move with Dr Karen Kan
November 12, 2023: Troubleshooting Resistance with Kelsey Aida
November 5, 2023: Healing the Witch Wound with Davina Zar
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Soul: The spiritual part of a person that is believed to give life to the body.
Nectar: A thick sweet juice made from a particular fruit.

Do you enjoy deep spiritual conversation, hearing people’s inspirational life stories, and learning new ways to increase peace, joy, connection and prosperity?

Each week on Soul Nectar is another inspirational story of connection to essence, purpose, joy and love along with the vulnerable realities of the spiritual journey. Come along with us!

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You’re ready to dive deep into your own soul nectar, aren’t you? Let’s talk!

Here's the #2 Episode of 2023 in case you missed it. Enjoy! If you were conditioned to think that it’s
In case you missed it, here it is again! The #1 Top Episode of 2023 with Lisa Barnett of Akashic
This month in Soul Nectar Tribe we are exploring the book The Mastery of Self by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.
As a Healer or Holistic practitioner, does the idea of networking make you cringe? Have you been to those alternative