Weird or Conscious? with Lumari

Ever since she was a baby in her crib, Lumari could hear the angels and guides beyond the veil. She knew things that other little children were oblivious about. Didn’t everybody know when someone was going to get in trouble or trip down the stairs?

On her lifetime journey of self-discovery, Lumari has uncovered psychic gifts, conscious channeling capabilities, and wisdom from the dawn of creation. She also discovered that other people think she’s weird, and that’s ok with her.

Watch this episode for intriguing insights into the life of a woman who brings the energy and visions of creation to the planet.

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About Lumari

Lumari is a gifted internationally acclaimed intuitive life coach, psychic consultant, Divine channel, visionary wisdom teacher, transformational healer and energy master and bestselling author. She is a guide, catalyst and inspiration for personal, professional and planetary change, healing, evolution and awakening. For over twenty five years, she has shown clients all over the world how to celebrate their soul purpose, follow their highest destiny, fulfill their dreams and Live Inspired. Lumari’s private coaching, spiritual training, books, and meditations bring joyful awakening, profound clarity and healing to raise awareness and Divine connection.

She is award winning and bestselling author of numerous break-through spiritual metaphysical and self-help books.

“Alawashka: Language of Creation,” reveals the nature of Creation, the evolution of humanity and the power of our original sacred language that can help you awaken to new frequencies of light and healing that will change your life.

“Akashic Records, Collective Keepers of Divine Expression,” introduces you to The Keepers of the Akashic, the beings of the ancient collective who gather and contain all universal knowledge. Her book is required reading for many study courses about the Akashic.

Her latest book, “Shopping For A Man:The Ultimate Woman’s Guide to Dating a Really Great Guy,” winner of 5 awards, combines self discovery healing and shopping into an empowering dating boo for women of all ages.

Her podcast the “Cosmic Coffee Break” brings enlightening meditations, wisdom teachings and interviews to share the vibrations to uplift your life and our world.

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