True Freedom with Helen Reynolds

As a child, Helen Reynolds spent her days wild and free riding her horse through the Australian bush. Taught to think for herself, she grew into a woman who desired to be free of the mental, material, and meaningless chatter that holds us back from truly living.

Now Helen helps others claim that mysterious and compelling feeling of freedom by building an inner relationship to life. She shares deep insights in her blog and the More Love Podcast.

Watch this interview for a discussion about true freedom as we move into unity consciousness.

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More About Helen Reynolds

My name is Helen Reynolds. When I was growing up on the land I pledged myself to the feeling I got when I was alone – just me, the land, my horse and dog. That feeling was, and still is, both compelling and mysterious. That feeling has lived in me for decades and has motivated all my interests and explorations ever since.

Other people can feel it too. It’s deep and strong, something inexplicably true, honest and loving. This feeling ignites our hearts creating a profound and powerful relationship to life that can be felt with every fibre of our being.

Now I help others build their inner relationship to life, freeing them of the mental, material and meaningless chatter that otherwise robs us of truly living. This inner relationship gives back all our other relationships, pulls us from isolation and brings joy and harmony into our lives. For me, this work is the fruition of my pledge to that compelling and mysterious feeling that I find the strongest when I’m in the bush.

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