Transforming Trauma to Triumph with Diana Min

Growing up with a bi-polar mother and a father who also struggled from his own history of childhood abuse, Diana Min suffered mental, emotional, and physical abuse and neglect. She started having suicidal thoughts at 8 years old, and fell into drug and alcohol addictions.

At 26 years old, Diana suffered a mental breakdown which led her to seek out a shamanic healer who eventually invited her to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony. Now Diana shares the power of Ayahuasca with listeners of The Urban Indigo podcast and inspires with her many uplifting projects to raise awareness.

Watch this interview for a tale of trauma to triumph and be inspired that you can heal and build the life you’ve been dreaming about.

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More About Diana Min

NYC native Diana Min began her spiritual journey growing up at a Thai Buddhist temple surrounded by monks and meditation from the age of 5 to 15. All the while suffering unimaginable abuse in her private home life at the hands of her family’s mental illnesses. Diana’s addiction to alcohol and drug use developed quickly as she tried to escape the painful reality of her upbringing as well as her intense anxiety, depression, PTSD and borderline personality disorder. These issues haunted her into adulthood where the addictions intensified and brought with them very unfortunate and traumatic circumstances. At 26 years old Diana suffered a mental breakdown which led her to seek out a shamanic healer who eventually led her to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony, a sacred plant medicine from the Amazon jungle that has been used in ancient cultures for over 6,000 years. Afterwards, Diana was able to break free from all of her addictions and eventually healed herself of all her mental ailments without any medications. Since then, she has continued to spread the message of this incredibly healing plant medicine to the masses. Today, Diana is a transformational coach that helps to guide people on their own personal healing journey with the use of many different holistic modalities.

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