The World Is But A Stage with Sandra Dee Robinson

As the surprise child, Sandra Dee Robinson sensed that she was an inconvenience for her older parents and made the internal agreement that she didn’t deserve to be here. When she found the stage, she discovered her purpose, “that’s my reason for being here, to be anybody but me!” and an actor was born. She dove all in to her quest to be an actor, and played many roles in daytime television in her career.

But she could not escape the primary lesson of her life: to show up as herself. Through years of psychotherapy and NLP, hypnosis, and presentation skills training, Sandra Dee finally learned how to “be herself” and shares those gifts with clients in her Charisma on Camera training. Once she accepted God’s help at the invitation of a preacher, she found her deep meaning by returning to nature and letting horses teach people how to communicate from presence. Sandra Dee says the horses show you who you are.

Watch this interview for a fascinating conversation about how we all look outside of ourselves to find ourselves, how we are all actors on a stage playing roles, and how we can find our true essence and live from presence.

More About Sandra Dee Robinson
The media has titled Sandra Dee Robinson, the “Charisma Coach.” In  2010, Sandra Dee founded Charisma on Camera, guiding sales forces and experts around the globe to develop authentic power behind their personal presence and communication skills.  She has become an international speaker, author and TV host.

Her first career put her on televisions worldwide. As an actress she portrayed major roles on Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, and many prime time shows as well During her many years in Hollywood, Sandra Dee consistently supported wildlife conservation through fundraising events and hands-on work with animals.

Currently, Sandra Dee applies her decades of studies on human and animal behavior in unique events known as, Charismatic Cowgirl retreats. Here, nature, and specifically horses, transforms women’s perception of the world around them, and their abilities to make improvements within it.

Charismatic Cowgirl is not a person, but a mindset; to celebrate life with strength, confidence and compassion for all living things.

Connect with Sandra Dee Robinson:  Charisma On Camera Web  Charismatic Cowgirl Web LinkedIn   Facebook    Twitter

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