The Inner Edge with Nicole Jansen

With every challenge in her life—failure of her business, the end of her marriage, and the death of her parents—Nicole Jansen found herself at the inner edge asking “Who am I and what do I really want out of life?” She had spent her life supporting other people’s dreams, and realized she didn’t know what part of the dream was theirs, and what belonged to her.

By continuing to explore her inner edges and transform from within, Nicole finally found the pathway to discover the worthiness within. Now Nicole brings this wisdom to 30 years as a leader of transformation, helping other super powered women to face frightening inner edges to claim their own self-worth, confidence, personal power and purpose in the world. 

Watch this episode for a comprehensive discussion about overcoming the fear of the edge, understanding your human design, and reclaiming your self worth.


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About Nicole Jansen

Over the past 30 years, Nicole Jansen has coached and trained thousands of leaders to transform their lives and achieve extraordinary results in business. Nicole’s clients not only experience a substantial increase in sales, team performance and profitability, they also experience greater confidence, clarity, and personal authenticity through discovering and playing to their strengths. She is a certified Human Behavior Specialist, Business Breakthrough Coach, Strategic Intervention Coach, and the founder of Discover The Edge and the Leaders Of Transformation Podcast & Community.

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I love mentoring women to rewrite the story of their lives through inner transformation, connection to essence, remembrance of purpose, and realignment to authenticity and truth.

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