Stepping Into Our Knowingness with Sara Troy

Talking to dead people was normal for Sara Troy when she was a child. She just could not figure out why everyone else couldn’t see the people she saw. As you can imagine, this early start being ‘different’ has led Sara to trust her own instincts, even when no one around her understands. 

Following her soul’s guidance, Sara began recording conversations with spiritually-enlightened people and collecting them in her Orchard of Wisdom Library which now holds over 2400 collective shows. Her mission is to provide the knowledge needed for people to embrace their own spiritual journeys whenever they are ready to make the first steps.

Watch this episode for a discussion about connecting with your soul, shifting from thinking to knowing, and expanding possibilities through soul-alignment.

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More about Sara Troy

Sara Troy owns and operates Self Discovery Media, and hosts many shows and genres with people who are making a global positive difference in the lives of others. Believing that inspiration begets invitation, she knows that other people’s life stories will invite us to all find our own way forward in our own lives. We are inspired by those who have gone before us and who now show us that with self courage, inner strength and inner love, how we can thrive through anything that life shows us. 

With over 2400 collective shows in our Orchard of Wisdom Library of which Sara has done 1700 +shows, the knowledge you seek to embrace your own journey is but a click away.

Sara also has an organization called Self Discovery Community, which stands for those in a rediscovery of self purpose and those who are supporting others lives, with her Fund-Action program. Self Discovery’s Community Fund-Action program subsidizes the services provided by our experts who are offering their knowledge and support from the Discovery Services Directory.  These skilled professionals aim to help those who are transitioning into a redirection of their lives with tools such as their interviews, books, videos, coaching programs and holistic wellness services. All members have been interviewed on Self Discovery Media, membership is open now.

Connect with Sara Troy: 

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