Setting the Cobra Free with Berni Slowey

Escaping from Saigon at 4 years old didn’t set Berni Slowey free because although her mother safely reunited with her father in America, the family was haunted by the guilt of losing her younger sister who was abducted just days before. From these early beginnings, Berni tried hard to be responsible and earn the right to be the surviving child: good grades, respectable career, and the ‘right’ image.

Decades later Berni’s body gave her a loud wake up call with three miscarriages in six months. She finally realized she was living someone else’s life, and was exhausted and worn out. She quit her respectable job in banking and began tuning into her own heart. On a whim she accepted an invitation to go to India and do a documentary film for a spiritual journey…even though she had no experience doing it and had no income. Defying all logic, her film put her in the starring role when she faced a cobra that was lunging out of its basket.

Listen to this interview to be inspired to become the star in your own movie of life, and to share your story in a way that sets your inner cobra free from fear and limitation!

If you want to see us talking, watch the video on Vimeo.

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More About Berni Slowey

Founder of Burning Journeys™ Filmmaker, Berni is a TV Personality, Public Speaker, Transformation Coach & Retreat Leader. In 2009, Bernadette Slowey took a leap of faith and followed her heart. Little did she know that the difficult transition of abruptly leaving a successful corporate career during an economic downturn would send this career-driven-professional on a quest of self discovery and ultimately, transformation.

Bernadette’s vulnerability, intimacy and openness about her journey empowers others to share their own stories. Finding that we are all connected through the human experience and have similar desires, Bernadette created Burning JourneysTM coaching and retreats to assist others as a guide on the ride for personal transformations.

Bernadette Slowey directed, produced, co-wrote and starred in the award-winning feature length documentary Berni’s Journey. Through serendipity, the film unexpectedly followed her personal transformation while she traveled with spiritual teachers through India on a quest to make a movie about difficult transitions.

The filmmaking process continued to parallel Bernadette’s life experience as she participated in the telling of her story through post-production. Bernadette realized she that not only was she the Director of the movie, but she was in fact the Director of her life. What began as a documentary project with Berni’s Journey had become a parable. Bernadette’s on-screen transformation resonated with audiences and inspired awareness of their own “burning journey” that the film became a metaphor for living life as a movie. Her passion is to partner with people to become intentional creators as the lead character of their own lives.

In addition to transformation coaching, Bernadette is a TEDx speaker and and is is one of the TV hosts of Wake Up!™, a nationally syndicated morning show. Prior to her encore career, Bernadette had a 20-year corporate career as a bank executive until the collapse of the financial industry in 2009.

Since evacuating from Saigon in 1975, Slowey has also lived in Tehran, Iran during the antiShah revolution in the late ’70’s. With some intermittent moves throughout Nebraska during her childhood, her family moved to Colorado in 1984. Slowey lives in Denver with her husband and two sons.
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