Sense of Soul with Mande Nantkes and Shanna Vavra

Have you ever had a girlfriend that you could share EVERYTHING with? Mande Nantkes and Shanna Vavra have gone through Near Death Experiences, Fibromyalgia, mental health challenges, motherhood, and spiritual awakening together. 

Now Mande and Shanna co-host the Sense of Soul podcast and serve as lightsharers in the world, inspiring others through vulnerable personal stories of finding the blessins’ in the lessons.

Watch this interview for a raw and truthful discussion about how our culture programs us to sleep, and how you can wake up to love.

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More About Mandy Nantkes

Mande Nantkes is a medium, Reiki II Practitioner and Recovery Coach.

She is co-host on the Sense of Soul Podcast and co-creator of Sense of Soul which includes a mobile boutique, online store and meditation classes.

She is a two time NDER, messenger and a light sharer.

One might ask what is a lightsharer? She shares the light that she gratefully received through her pain and experiences. She does this in hopes to inspire others to find their inner spark and purpose.

She is raw and vulnerable about her past and present experiences. She lives to help others discover their true “Sense of Soul.”

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More About Shanna Vavra

Shanna Vavra is an Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher, Coach, co-host of Sense of Soul Podcast and co-host of Sense of Soul.

Shanna’s spiritual journey has lead her to many surprising realizations. Awakening to unknown places within, she never knew existed.

With a Lightworker’s heart and passion, Shanna followed her souls path. From the discovery of being an Empath to her journey through Ancestral Healing. She shares her personal stories of struggle, healing and how she turned her pain into purpose. Finding blessins’ in the lessons and inspiring others to find their true “Sense of Soul.”

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