Remembering Your Song with Gabriela Masala

From her childhood, Gabriela Masala has felt a driving force to remember who she is and why she came here to Earth. Through moments of flailing, toxicity, and dysfunctional relationships, she has followed a deep passion to be a catalyst for the transformation of human consciousness.

In the quest to remember and express her unique soul song, and to leave the planet in a better place for generations to come, Gabriela has explored and held space for others to learn a range of creative expressions. Yoga, dance, healing, song, writing, nature, and cosmology are among her mind/body/spirit expertise that she shares as a facilitator.

Watch this episode for a compassionate discussion about remembering who you really are, with all its twists, turns, and pauses.

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About Gabriela Masala

Gabriela’s been steeping in universal wisdom teachings, contemplative expressive arts and energy medicine for over 20 years. Her guidance is infused with pure love and sober clarity. Her skills dive into the heart of matters, using the creative process as a catalyst for transformation. She is passionate about pioneering what it means to be fully alive.

As a facilitator and consultant, her approach is holistic, compassionate and integrative. Her programs catalyze breakthroughs and maximize emergent intelligence. Her approach helps guide clients to their body wisdom, inner genius and deepest heart, where their expression is a revelation, an immediate path home.

She is a lover of art, movement, music, nature, humanity and cosmology. The Universe and natural world are among her greatest teachers. She holds a Masters degree in Culture and Creation Spirituality, with a concentration in Art as Meditation. Her decades in the professional world of Mind/Body/Spirit education have taken her across the globe into diverse teaching environments. Her studies with various mentors and teachers in a wide spectrum of foci, inspire her unique masteries. She is a long time facilitator of several yoga, dance, healing and expressive arts modalities. She’s an author, recording artist, song carrier, entrepreneur and founding principal of Source Consulting Group.

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