Recoding Ourselves with Zhanna Romm

In her words, Zhanna Romm was always the “too profound weird crazy chick”, the “circle trying to jam herself into a square”. Then the right timing came for her sacred gifts to flower, and she found herself knowing all along what she was here to do: birth the New Earth templates as a Quantum Healing Activator.

Now Zhanna is a Sacred Union Facilitator for elevated, new-paradigm partnerships. She helps people to embody and walk out their soul led missions on Earth. She hosts the Soul Ignition Podcast and shares openly and widely her downloads as well as her own experience of recoding herself and ascending her consciousness.

Watch this episode for deep, bottom-of-the-ocean profound insights into awakening into the Age of Aquarius while straddling existing old-world paradigms.

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About Zhanna Romm

Zhanna Romm is a Transformational Life and Business Clarity Coach for heart centered entrepreneurs. She combines an equal balance of logic (practical applicable inner landscape reflection work) and intuition (She is highly empathic and pick up on things not seen or spoken) when working with clients.

Zhanna helps high achieving female entrepreneurs tap into their gifts, say yes to their soul work and step powerfully into their purpose.. ie.. make a lot of money doing what they love.. like double and tripling in their business within the first 30 days.

Zhanna also helps facilitate powerful Intuitive Energy clearings / downloads for her clients through guided meditations. During these sessions, clients have experienced many an “aha” moment, a sense of peace, certainty that all is well, and clarity that comes through the visions that they may see and the messages that they may receive from connecting to their higher selves.

Zhanna discovered that she had a gift of being a strong conduit for Life Force energy (she has been connected to a powerful Spiritual Guru Mahendra Trivedi for over 5 years now) after a trip to India with her mentor in 2015. It was during practice sessions with clients (based on their amazing feedback) that it became very clear to Zhanna to she was to incorporate meditation into her practice.

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