Radiating Feminine Power with Suzanne Raja

Growing up in a home that was not very trusting led Suzanne Raja to be constantly looking over her shoulder, defending against potential threats to her marriage and isolating herself from other women. And then the thing she dreaded most happened: she was betrayed. While it was a painful experience, it led to a deeper understanding of herself, of her husband, and of the bond of love.

The betrayal was a doorway for Suzanne and her husband Satyen to explore the ‘Big Why’: why are we together? What do we deeply desire? How does ecstasy feel? What is the truth that needs to be spoken? And on the other side of this exploration has been a deeper commitment and love than either of them expected.

Watch this episode on Sunday September 10 for insights into becoming your own beloved through deep honoring of yourself, and how conscious partnership can help both partners evolve to become their very best in all areas of their lives.

If you want to see us talking, you can watch the interview on Vimeo.

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More About Suzanne Raja

Suzanne Raja is the embodiment of true Feminine Radiance.  Simply being in Suzanne’s presence brings men into their depth and women into their natural glow.  Suzanne does not just practice what she teaches, she is what she teaches.  Suzanne is Love.

She has taught on nearly every continent and in over 15 countries reaching thousands and thousands of students with the wisdom of open-hearted practice.

Suzanne is a Warrior of the Heart and a Sage of  Feminine Embodiment. She leads with the wisdom that was bestowed on her from teachers that were obvious and some not so apparent.

She was born in Kingston, Jamaica to a family of teachers.
Her mother, a devoted wife,  loving mother and undercover hippie. Her father, a patient husband,  loving father  and God servant.
From her mother, she learned devotion, strength, the power of pleasure and how to be a queen in any situation.
Her father taught her the fine art of patience , determination  and how to overcome the majority of life’s challenges with love.

Her favourite teachers were her grandmothers who taught her how  to listen to the wisdom of her soul and how to share this wisdom in gentle ways that feel like a sweet powdered touch.

They also revealed to her their secrets of timeless beauty. Which came in handy later as a young adult, when she was a contestant in a beauty contest that she won. Suzanne claims that she won not because she was the most beautiful or talented, but because she applied the secrets of timeless beauty from her grandmothers. She shares  these secrets with her students and personal clients.

Back in Jamaica when she was a child, her beloved god mother would steal her away every September to see the pantomime.Which was a yearly  musical characterized by lively music, brilliant sets, colourful costumes and positive themes. Suzanne was fascinated by the colours, the rhythms, and the passion that exploded on stage and how happy it made her feel. She was compelled to integrate this in her life.

She developed a love of the arts and went on to star in most of her school productions.

Now, as a Peak Radiance guide and mentor, Suzanne brings her long time wisdom, music, art, dance and sacred theatre in to her enchanting gatherings, retreats and private coaching.

Suzanne and her husband Satyen have been thriving together for over 30 years.
High school friends who turned into lifetime sweethearts.
Having battled and triumphed almost everything there is to face in relationship from different cultures coming together (East meets West) to affairs, to  trials, tribulations and blessings of parenting.
Suzanne and her husband have become the go to roll model experts in coaching and mentoring the art of igniting passion, living freedom and embodying love.

Suzanne and Satyen were blessed with  two children, Satori and Shaman. Suzanne gave birth to these children her way…at home, and one of them was actually a water baby…the first in her town of Brampton, Ontario. When asked if she’d rather wait and have the water birth with her second she said “ do you think i’m gonna be any less vigilant for our second than our first?”

For the first 3 years, Suzanne carried her children on her body using a baby sling putting them down only to get a breath. She learned from this experience of deep contact what works and what doesn’t work. She learned the value of community and inspires this in her students and clients.

Also sharing the joys and the potential pitfalls of being a new parent and keeping the relationship with your partner alive while ensuring the proper bonding and nourishment for you, your partner and your child. She passes on her knowledge freely to new families.

There is no part of Suzanne’s life that is separate from her dedicated practice and loving essence.  To know Suzanne is to glimpse what is possible for your own life.  Suzanne delivers teachings with exceptional intuitive perception and clarity.

Suzanne is a living invitation.  She invites men to live as their deepest presence in order to fulfill their genuine purpose and to offer their direction in the world.  Suzanne invites women to replenish, to laugh easily, to dance freely and to rest openly, all in the midst of life.

Students do whatever they can in order to personally experience Suzanne as a teacher and as a mentor because of how deeply she connects and how lovingly she passes wisdom.

As our world heads into a new era, it is teachers like Suzanne who will lead the way.

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