Questions, Questions and the Illusion of No Answers with KAren Swain

From the time she was a little girl, KAren Swain was asking non-stop questions (probably about to drive her parents nuts!). She was instantly curious upon arrival about the nature of the world and how to make it do what she desired to experience. When her mother died after years of health struggles, KAren had even more questions. “Why are we here?” “What happens when we die?” “Where did we come from?”  She began a decades-long search for the answers that led her to psychics, gurus and spiritual teachers who all said her question-filled brain was getting in the way of her receiving the answers she truly sought.

Now as a Spiritual Teacher of Deliberate Creation, KAren Swain taps into Universal wisdom to help people view their lives from Soul perspective. She enlightens clients to the power of thoughts and beliefs, how they create your world and how to live in alignment with your emotional guidance system. And she guides people to realize who they truly are…one of the many faces of God.

Watch this interview for lot of laughter, fun stories of synchronicity and mystical experiences, and deep insights into the nature of ‘reality.’

More About KAren Swain

KAren Swain is a Teacher of Deliberate Creation, Empowerment Communicator, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Mentor & Guide, Radio Host, Author, Filmmaker, and Difference Maker enlightening you about the power of your thoughts, beliefs how to live in alignment with your emotional guidance system while educating you about how Law of Attraction is shaping your life. KAren is one of Australia’s Foremost Thought Leaders and Change Agents, Showing you the way to a Happier Healthier More Connected Life.

In her words:
“I’ve had access to exalted higher perspective all my life, able to read people’s energy fields and vibration. I know who you are, why you are here, what you fear and see your dreams. When I first started meditating in my early twenties, I would see a BIG eye staring back at me in the darkness. It was visceral, in colour and as real as looking in a mirror. I was told, this is the all-seeing all-knowing eye which has access to broader perspective. I was being shown something about myself I didn’t quite understand at the time.

It took me a long time to realise my true calling and purpose, as my curious mind was determined to discover as much as I could about life and all it had to offer. I now know I am here to activate and support the Difference Makers. People who know they’re here to make a Difference. I’m passionate about helping people who are passionate about helping people, our world and all who abide here.

I’m here to make a Difference in YOUR life and to humanity as we evolve into a new light in consciousness. I do this in a variety of ways.”

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