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What’s it like being psychic as a child? For Infiniti, it was like being on duty for her mother’s friends while the other children were playing outside. Until she lied and said she couldn’t hear the angels anymore.

It took debilitating physical ailments and exhaustion for Infiniti to re-open her psychic channel and get back ‘to work’ for the angels. Now she is known as “The Real Deal” Messenger, Psychic Physical Empath, Medical Medium & Distance Quantum Healer, and more!

Join us for a discussion about growing up with psychic gifts, closing and reopening them, and learning how to be a physical empath in a world filled with trauma.

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More About Infiniti

Infiniti-“The Real Deal” Messenger, Psychic Physical Empath, Medical Medium & Distance Quantum Healer, Channel, Medium, Spirit Liaison, Tarot & Oracle Reader, Ascension Guide and Divinely Guided Artist. When she’s not creating art, she works with people and their animals worldwide to transmute negative energies, eliminate chronic illnesses and pain and to maximize energetic balance and flow-boosting Life Force Energy.

She works with and channels The Angelic Realms, Mother Earth-GAIA, Ascended Masters like Jesus and all of The High Council to facilitate healings and bring Divine messages to The Collective.

Her passion is working and helping fellow Empaths & Lightworkers to deconstruct trauma and negative programming, clear, heal and get to “neutral” and find their authenticity by understanding how their body and energy works and by helping them connect to their Spirit Tribe.

On her podcast, Evolve Now Lightworkers with Infiniti, she delivers daily guided meditations, music for meditation, channeled messages and teachings.

Connect with Infiniti:

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