Play in The Age of Celebration with Swami Tirtha

Swami Tirtha dreamed for over a decade that his parents would die before he was grown up; the dream brought him closer and closer to that moment until he had a waking moment of his parents death; and a short while after this vision, his parents died in an accident. He could have gotten lost in misery, but instead Swami found meditation which opened a door to magical possibilities that led him to the Himalayas and India and Amazon Rainforest to study with gurus and shamans.

What he discovered in his journey was a natural ability to channel Spirit, and an innate knowing that he is always provided for so that he can be of service to the world. Known as the Orange Cowboy and the Master of Joy, Swami is here to usher in the Age of Celebration by teaching us that the work of today is to PLAY. When faced with naysayers, Swami laughs, points to his chest full of Crazy Badges, and says “You can be happy or you can be right.”

Watch this interview for an humorous and delightful discussion about the shift of the planet and how we can invite blessings for ourselves.

More About Swami Tirtha

Swami is the #1 bestselling author of The Ayurveda Encyclopedia and has been teaching meditation for 4+ decades. As a teen, both his parents were tragically killed in a car accident. He transcended this adversity in profound ways through discovering the light within.

He presented to the White House alternative medicine commission and to international medical schools including Johns Hopkins. Swami was recognized as a monk by his guru in the Himalayas in 1990, and was recognized as a natural-born shaman and healer by shamans in the Amazon Rainforest. He was also born with intuitive/mediumship gifts.

Swami’s life mission is to help others realize their dreams and live in joy and celebration they deserve, to create peace in our world. His first screenplay is being made into a Hollywood movie — a comedy about listening to your heart and trusting to be yourself around others.

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