Pain, Presence and Preparedness with Ben Gioia

There’s a moment where you realize that lack of preparedness led you to an experience of pain, and that moment for Ben Gioia was within the first day of a 9-day trek through the Himalayas with broken boots. (Not too many size 13 boots available in the local population!)

Over days of pain with every step on blistered feet, Ben finally broke through one of the most profound lessons a human can learn: the difference between pain and suffering. Since this moment of awakening, Ben has brought his compassionate heart and total presence to leaders worldwide, helping them to prepare to offer their own gifts of service.

Watch this interview with Ben for wise insights into how to show up in the world as your best self with presence and compassion.

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About Ben Gioia

Ben Gioia (“joya”) is a 2X bestselling author & speaker who’s positioned global thought leaders, shifted culture at a Fortune 100, created a mindfulness video game, and helps kick-ass, heart-based women change the world. He’s the President of and founder of the Influence With A Heart™ Movement: a mindful, compassionate approach to leadership & innovation used by more than 23,000 people worldwide.

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