Mystical Proof with Gina Bengtson and Mama D

Have you ever wondered if ghosts and angels were real? Gina Bengston always thought ghosts were real and then she found the equipment to prove it as a paranormal investigator. And Mama D knew angels were real as she sat in church as a child talking with them.

Now these two ladies co-host the Fox Den show together and introduce more people to proof of the mystical every week. Gina is a paranormal investigator and host of Ghost Detectives TV, and Mama D is a Reiki Grandmaster who does Oracle card readings to help you the message you need.

Watch this episode for a lively discussion with plenty of spiritual tales to keep you at the edge of your seat.

WATCH: The Fox Den with Gina B and Mama D

More About Gina Bengtson

Gina Bengtson is an Interior Designer, artist, tool belt diva, and multi business owner. She is highly empathic and intuitive,  AKA the Para fox, as the Fox is her spirit guide, Gina fancies herself to be a seasoned paranormal investigator and Cast Member of Ghost Detectives TV, a local Pennsylvania network show. She is the co-owner of Ghostly Excursions with Bob Christopher; and she leads Ghost Hunts & Events, taking people to some of the most haunted locations in the USA. With Vortex Ghost Gear ( paranormal equipment), she uses her artist skills to design custom personalized Easy Scan GhostBoxes. (They are like the SB7 scanning radio waves as a means of spirit communication.)

Gina is the host of The Fox Den, interviewing a variety of guests weekly Thursday evenings from 8-10 pm eastern standard time along with her co-host Darlene Mama D Hill. 

Connect with Gina: 

More About Mama D

Darlene Hill is known as Mama D Angel. She has been out of the spiritual closet for 6+ years. She has achieved her level I & II Reiki with Grandmaster David Crawford, and Reiki Grandmaster with Grandmaster Victoria Lanakila Generao.

Mama D was drawn to, and communicated with, the angels since she was a young child. She recalls sitting in church and having the Angels come to her and being enthralled with them. She found herself attracted to Oracle decks of all kinds. All of her readings are given with the assistance of the Angels and what she calls her Dream Team ~ her Spirit Guides. Sometimes, there will be a specific message to pass along with the card that is chosen, and other times the card, itself is the answer. We don’t always get what we want, we get what we need.

Mama D was always told she had the voice for radio so she figured out why not. Her first show in 2015 on was called “a Fireside Chat with Mama D”. She has had a couple of others at Now she live streams on Facebook & YouTube with her show on Sunday evening “A Conversation with Friends”, and she co-hosts on The Fox Den with the amazing Gina Bengtson (or as she calls her, Foxy G).

Connect with Mama D:

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