Mesmerized By Flowers with Beth Bell

When she ran her life by deadlines in Corporate America, Beth Bell never slowed down long enough to breathe, nevermind consider sipping the dew from flowers. The magic was bursting to come out and was mysteriously ignited when she happened to buy a camera and headed on holiday; she started taking pictures of flowers unexpectedly. The flowers were mesmerizing as she observed the intricacies of the flowers up close. The way they danced with the sun, wind and rain captured her and took her into the magical world of mother nature’s matrix.

In the magical way that only Spirit can contrive, Beth now lives in Bali and shares the power of flowers as the Flower Whisperer. through her line of love-infused Blossom B.L.I.S.S. Bali products which are hand-crafted with the blessings of Balinese artisans from villages near Ubud. She has just published her book, “Flower Power 4 Pure Love,” in which she shares the four simple, yet profound life lessons she learned from flowers. 

Watch this interview for an insightful discussion about the magic that can happen in your life when you turn off your brain and tune into your heart in the present moment.


More About Beth Bell

Beth’s innocent passion for photographing flowers led to a stunning realization that she had a gift for channeling messages through Mother Nature. This unique relationship with flowers and the guidance she received from them changed her life in ways she never could have imagined.

After a 15+-year corporate career, she traded her high heels, designer suits, and luxury high-rise living for flip flops, helmet hair and the rice fields of Bali to pursue a new mission to be “Pollinating the Planet with Love.”  In 2014 she opened the first retail store for Blossom B.L.I.S.S. Bali, a line of products infused with love and the blessings of Balinese artisans from villages near Ubud.  The products are hand-crafted and designed to inspire people through the power of flowers, symbols and words to live a life of pure love and purpose.

Rounding out this impressive body of work is her new book “Flower Power 4 Pure Love,” which is now available on Amazon.  In it, she captures the four simple, yet profound life lessons she learned from flowers.

On the Beth Bell Radio Show, she and her guests share the life journey lessons that led them to take the intuitive risks that were necessary for them to blossom into their life’s purpose often in unexpected ways.  She also shares daily insights from her interactions with flowers and more on Instagram @ QueenBlissBee.

Speaking topics include:
-Intuitive Risk Taking:  navigating the BIG jumps & the BIG falls to catapult abundance
-Connecting to inner wisdom & embracing your super power
-Leveraging life’s lessons and pearls of wisdom to live your life’s purpose

Beth currently resides in Bali and frequently travels the world sharing these and other pearls of wisdom. Read more about Beth at:

Connect with Beth:  Web  LinkedIn  Facebook   Twitter


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