Magnetizing with Multidimensional Super Powers, Jennifer Hough

For over half of her life, Jennifer Hough did not realize she had dormant within her a revolutionary way of viewing the world. Like many of us in the ‘Not Belonging Club’, Jennifer assumed that others knew and saw the things she did, but just disregarded it in favor of conventional life. So she pursued the prescribed life and checked off all the boxes. Luckily she didn’t find happiness in her spreadsheets, contracts and corporate job because after she left all that behind is when life started getting really interesting!

Jennifer was able to unlock her own superpowers and see the world holographically. She discovered that we are all multidimensional beings, with superpowers that are connected to multidimensional codes. What’s more, she learned how to help clients upgrade themselves and embody their multidimensional DNA to live in the harmonic flow that humans were designed for.

Listen to this interview for some mind-blowing concepts! So many dimensions are covered in this interview that it’s jam-packed with insights.

If you want to see us talking, watch this interview on Vimeo.

More About Jennifer Hough

Jennifer Hough is a Best Selling Author, Seer and Lover of Life. She made a traumatic transition in her 30’s from working for a multinational corporation doing spreadsheet forecasts and negotiating contracts, to seeing life, people and the world as an energy holograph. This holograph allows her to find in-congruent patterns and energy, and see the quantum leap solutions for harmony globally and in your life. It also allows her to show you the codes for your super powers, and give you the keys to your kingdom so you can further become your own guru. She now travels the world acting as a conduit for those who seek the ability to fully live out their purpose, with clarity and confidence. Why? Because it became clear that we are ready as human beings to be free, expand our compassion and fully enjoy our lives, instead of living out of fear and control. She engages metaphysical tools that bypass the need to constantly analyze by going direct with consciousness. Jennifer’s work is for those that know “it’s time” to be the change, be fulfilled, and find that ‘something more’ that is waiting for us. Learn more about Jennifer and her work at:
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