Living as a Peace Maker with Eva Charlotte

Yearning to live her life more deeply and fully, Eva Charlotte elected to go skydiving. Eva made more than 100 jumps before the inconceivable happened; at 4,000 feet her emergency chute failed. At that moment, surrendering all desire of control, the terror of her impending death gave way to something else…PEACE.

This incredible experience helped Eva become aware that she had lived her life trapped in a bubble she could not seem to escape. When Eva met Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements) she saw a man who was living outside of his bubble, who was exuding the peace she experienced as she fell 4,000 feet from the sky, and she wanted to live peace as well. After years of intensive apprenticeship, Eva has emerged as a PeaceMaker, mentoring others to consciously bring peace into everyday situations in their lives.

Listen to this interview for some incredible insights into the “bubble” or virtual reality each of us has constructed as our “identity,” and how we can cultivate awareness that helps us step out of that identification so we can truly know ourselves as love.

If you want to see us talking, watch the video on Vimeo.

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More About Eva Charlotte
For more than 25 years, Eva has studied and taught with healers, shamans and masters from many different traditions. Eva has traveled across the globe, visiting over 40 countries, creating, leading and participating in hundreds of events and working with thousands of individuals over the past 25 years. Facilitating deep transformation for herself and others has been her drive, her joy and her passion…

Today Eva shares her message Rise in Love, a message of authentic love of self and life, the happiness that comes from stripping away personal stories, beliefs and falsehoods that shield us from our true selves, releasing all need for mental control. She further combines her years consulting for businesses and working with executives, with her unique expertise, to create powerful programs that enhance company culture and the bottom line.

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