Light of Conscience with Laura Christine

Doing the ‘right’ thing for Laura Christine was always following the path prescribed by her parents, and that guided her to the default pathway many follow of college degree, house, husband, and job. But checking off all the boxes didn’t make her feel good; instead, she felt depressed and anxious.

Then Laura Christine found Kundalini Yoga and dove into teacher training which led her to a deep unraveling and rewiring into her most authentic self. Now she lives oceanside in Oahu, hosts two podcasts, and facilitates a membership club where Wayshowers come to empower themselves into the leaders they are here to be.

Watch this episode for hard-earned wisdom for getting out of your head and into your heart from Laura Christine.

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More about Laura Christine

Laura Christine teaches Self-Empowerment in her online membership, Club LC, on her podcasts, Light of Conscience and Tidbits, and through community building on social media. Her message is that no one can empower you but you, and when you learn how to tune into yourself and honor who you really are and what you really need, you become healthy, happy, confident and successful. 

Find her podcasts, club, and community on her website while you grab your 18 Wayshower Affirmations: 

Please message Laura Christine on FB or IG @lightofconscience to join Club LC now if you have a passcode, to sign up for early VIP access, or simply to connect. She’d love to hear from you and hear how you’re empowering yourself and changing the world!

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Light of Conscience Podcast

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