Lessons from Flowers with Indra Singh

After five ceremonies in the jungle, Indra Singh cleared herself of enough density that she was finally able to hear messages for her soul. In the months that followed, she heard with greater and greater clarity that her life’s work was to unlock the shadows of consciousness by working with the powerful lessons of flowers. 

Now Indra creates flower elixirs infused with the intentions of her clients as part of her flower elixir brand, Silent Moon Imaginarium. She guides groups of flower explorers as they learn from various flower consciousnesses to face the shadows within themselves.

Watch this episode for a fascinating discussion about plant medicine, flower power, moon rituals, intentions, shadows, and more!

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More about Indra Singh

Indra Singh is an intuitive guide for those that are ready to face their shadow, embrace their own wild inner guru and live a truly authentic life. She is the creator of the international flower elixir brand ‘Silent Moon Imaginarium’ and is on a mission to spread awareness of ‘The Power of the Flower’ and vibrational medicine to the masses.

Indra spent many years travelling the world and searching externally for her guru; that one soul that would save her. It was only when Indra returned home that she found her true guru; the wild one within. 

During her search Indra enjoyed a successful career in Yoga and meditation. She was featured several times on the cover of Yoga Magazine and has written many inspirational articles for Elephant Journal and various yoga publications. 

Alongside the deep spiritual works, Indra followed her love for colour and the natural world, exploring the realms of Aura Soma, Shamanic Healing and plant medicine.

In 2015 she was guided to work intensively with nature; channelling the vibrational energy of flowers and plants and creating elixirs by the light of the moon. Silent Moon Imaginarium was born and quickly became an international brand with a loyal following on four continents.

As well as her powerful elixirs and misters, Indra offers life transforming 1:1 programmes, online support groups and magical live events – helping people honour their inner shadow and connect with their wild authentic self.  

Connect with Indra: 
Web: https://silent-moon.co.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/indra.singh.31
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/silentmoonimaginarium/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SilentMoonindra
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/silentmoonimaginarium/

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