Legendary Heroes and Turning of the Ages with Elizabeth Locey

When she was just a child, Elizabeth Locey often daydreamed looking up at the stars, and realized very early that this existence is the dream, and the reality is up there in the sky. To keep her parents happy, however, she ended up following the family tradition and became a award-winning professor of French and Women’s Studies.

She played by the rule book until one day, she took a sharp right turn and did the unthinkable…she dropped her tenure and quit her guaranteed-salary-for-life job. With one click of the “send” button, she went from being a socially sanctioned Wise Woman as an academic and scholar, to picking up her staff as a spiritual teacher/channel/healer, and has never looked back.

Watch this interview for a fascinating conversation about the turning of the ages, the return of the legendary mythic heroes, and the path to fully embodying your sacred gifts here on Earth.

More About Elizabeth Locey
Elizabeth Locey is a Way-Shower, Oracle, and Crystal Priestess. She helps women and select men from around the world to overcome the obstacles they’ve placed in their path and embody their Mythic Greatness. A prominent entrepreneur recently said of Elizabeth: “as an Oracle, she shines when guiding people through their darkest fears into Love.” Indeed, the very first answer she received from her own Akashic Records in 2008 was “You are a Truth Teller with capital T’s. And when you sing your Truth Song, imprisoned angels are set free.”

If you are at a crossroads and looking for soul-driven answers, working in your Akashic Records with Elizabeth may be the perfect solution. Be warned: getting access to your Soul Truth, and healing fears + self-sabotage can become addictive!

Her most recent work specializes in helping people to connect with and then EMBODY their Legendary Selves. This means letting go of all of the self-sabotage resulting from a not-good- enough story (probably at the origin it was a too-muchness story), and living your Mythic nature with no apologies and no excuses!

This work is especially important for Lightworkers who feel they must apologize for their sacred gifts by not charging enough or hiding. This is not the lifetime in which you’ll be killed for your using your divine gifts in public. It’s the lifetime in which you’ve decided to come shift how consciousness is DONE on Planet Earth. It’s the lifetime in which your mission is to help tip our world’s energy frequency into LOVE at this turning of the Age. It’s time for the Legendary Heroes and Heroines to awaken and pick up their sacred tools!

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