It’s a Small World After All with Maura Sweeney

When she was a child, Maura Sweeney was enchanted by the World’s Fair and the exhibit of It’s a Small World After All with all the children around the world singing in harmony. She imagined how wonderful it would be to dig a hole through the Earth and see her friends on the other side of the world in China. She fantasized about flying to destinations and meeting new people every time she saw a plane flying overhead.

Now Maura flies around the world as the Ambassador of Happiness®, helping to open people’s minds to new perspectives and encourage unity in diversity. She believes there is only one solution to any problem and that’s forgiveness. Her delightfully energetic spirit and clever mind inspire people to find happiness within from her Huffington Post blog and her Living Happy Inside Out podcast.

Watch this interview for a fast-paced discussion of spirituality that explores the nature of God, and inquires into how we can learn to love one another’s differences as part of the intricate Divine design.

More About Maura Sweeney

For Maura Sweeney, “Living Happy – Inside Out” is more than a slogan. It’s a well-honed life mantra for someone who left behind outside expectations to find inner happiness and purpose. After receiving a Political Science degree from Boston College, Maura left law school studies – and long held family expectations – to pioneer her own path to passion and purpose. Following a decorated corporate management career and time as a home schooling mom, Maura re-launched at midlife to pursue a global calling she had as a child.

Today, she’s traveled to 60 countries and holds the trademarked title “Ambassador of Happiness®.” The Author, Podcaster, HuffPost blogger and frequent Media Guest is also an International Speaker on topics of Influence, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. A catalyst for a better society, Maura Sweeney helps individuals find their voice, entrepreneurs develop their brand and leaders emerge into their highest and most authentic versions of self.

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