Inner Peace and Wellness with Julie Hannon

I met Julie when studying at The Four Winds Light Body School to be an energy medicine practitioner. Reading the Signs of Destiny was my first encounter with Julie as a teacher, and through this class I began a deep dance with my intuition and power of prayer as we learned to see the world through the eyes of the mystic. A couple of powerful journeys with Julie to Peru later, including sleeping on Mount Ausangatay, the Holy Mountain, I am delighted Julie agreed to be part of Soul Nectar Show.

In walking the path of a shamanic practitioner, Julie lives her dream of bringing true health and the power to heal ourselves to individuals. Julie loves to teach and inspire her clients and students to connect in with their own unique drop of the divine and their essential truth. From this place of deep connection, Julie hopes to support the world’s changing consciousness, bringing peace to individuals and to our planet. Julie works with people of all ages, connecting deeply with their hearts.

Julie is Senior Faculty for Light Body School, teaching the full curriculum of classes in the Light Body School, and is Certified by the Institute of Energy Medicine to teach Dying Consciously  She holds a certification in Luminous Healing from the Light Body School and has trained extensively in the techniques of Light Body Healing, Soul Retrieval, Divination and Life/Death Rites. She holds a master’s degree in psychology from Columbia University, and an undergraduate degree in psychology from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Listen to this interview for Julie’s insights into releasing the map of how your life should go, letting go of your sacred cows (those things you think you MUST have to be happy), and creating the space for the Universe to bring you what delights you beyond your wildest imagination.

If you want to see us talking, watch the video on Vimeo.


More About Julie Hannon
Julie Hannon is passionate about supporting her clients to discover their gifts and step into the fullest expression of themselves and their potential to heal. Her background and training in psychology, and 25+ years working in Human Resources, coupled with her yoga (YTT), shamanic, and Buddhist studies allow her to weave a rich tapestry and journey with the grace that comes in working with energy healing; facilitating peace and wellness.

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