Healing Through Ancestry with Johanna Lynn

As she massaged her clients, Johanna Lynn started realizing their bodies were carrying tension that was directly related to their family dynamics. She became interested in learning how the body was holding onto unresolved issues, and studied clinical hypnotherapy and inherited family trauma.

Since her natural curiosity led her to Constellations work, Johanna has been facilitating group healing events and working one-to-one with clients to track the ancestral alarm clock to find the very root of an issue. Fascinating experiences have ensued as completely unexpected inherited family traumas rise to the surface.

Watch this interview for insights into the role that your ancestors play in your current life challenges in your relationships, body, mind, emotions, and work.

More About Johanna Lynn

Johanna Lynn facilities transformative work providing solutions for the emotional patterns that we all inherit from our family.  We often notice the influence of what we have inherited when our health, relationships or life goals seem compromised. Johanna is committed to resolving painful patterns from living out in the next generation, as if on repeat. If she had a superpower, it would have to be listening like a detective to the facts of your family history, the words you use to describe your challenges lead her directly to where the most effective resolution is for you. The intention in her work is to contribute to world peace, one family at a time.

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