Heal Your Past, Regenerate Yourself with Dr. Deb Sandella

The night that Dr. Deb Sandella heard that her father was in the hospital on life support, she had a ‘dream’ of her father that bridged the world of dreaming with her physical world: her father agreed to stay alive in the dream, and in his hospital bed his vitals began returning to normal. This experience woke her up to begin exploring not only how she was balancing her life between work and family, but her whole concept of mind-body-spirit and what is actually happening down here on Earth. Her analytical mind opened up with great curiosity about the power of imagination and feelings, and she began a decades-long journey of exploration that resulted in development of her RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory) Method.

Dr. Deborah Sandella has helped thousands of people find themselves over 40 years as an award-winning psychotherapist, author, university professor and originator of the RIM Method. Applying her insatiable curiosity, she consistently soars above limitations to develop ways to more quickly alleviate suffering and manifest success. Deborah has been acknowledged with professional awards, such as “Outstanding Clinical Specialist,” “research Excellence,” and an “EVVY Best Personal Growth Book Award.”

Watch this interview for insights into how emotional intelligence, imagination, and creativity can bring tremendous healing to body, mind and spirit when integrated in a ‘whole brain’ perspective with the rational left brain.

Feel free to share this episode with your left-brained analytical friends as a way to introduce them to the healing powers of the whole brain.

If you want to see us talking, you can watch the interview on Vimeo.

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More About Dr. Deb Sandella

Deborah Sandella PhD, RN is author of the #1 International Bestseller “Goodbye Hurt & Pain, 7 Simple Steps to Health, Love and Success.”  She is an award-winning psychotherapist, university professor, and the originator of the groundbreaking RIM Method, which is a heavily-backed neuroscience tool proven to reduce stress and improve quality of life. She’s been featured in the media—including USA TODAY, CBS, and CNN.  She frequently shares the stage with Jack Canfield and is co-author of their “Awakening Power” meditation program.  Her numerous professional awards include, “Outstanding Clinical Specialist,” “Research Excellence,” and an “EVVY Best Personal Growth Book Award.”  www.GoodbyeHurtandPain.com

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