Habits of Hope with Jeff Caliguire

Jeff Caliguire began in a competitive type-A family with high expectations of being the football quarterback and attending an Ivy League college. That led to him being spiritually impressive as the senior pastor of Beacon Community Church. But it was all a performance. It didn’t give him the true deep meaning he desired.

He finally asked the question, “What does it mean as a spiritual leader that I don’t weep with those who weep?” Once he realized he was disconnected from the true heart of being in spiritual service, he reversed directions to show up in service to others…to serve and love whoever is in the room with his gifts.

Watch this interview for plenty of insights into connecting to your heart, passion and purpose and showing up with presence and love.

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More About Jeff Caliguire

JEFF CALIGUIRE is an author, professional keynote speaker, leadership, purpose and business coach, financial wealth advisor, and entrepreneur. After experiencing seasons of depression and dissatisfaction, Jeff discovered the deeper education of the soul and the intentional extraction of one’s God-given gifts, passions, and deeper purpose for work, leadership, and life.

Jeff has served as senior pastor of Beacon Community Church and president of Operation Beacon Street in Boston. He is the author of 5 published books, including Leadership Secrets of Saint Paul and Unlocking Your Convergence Point and his newest, The Habits of Hope: Self-Leadership Strategies to Unleash Your Bigger Purpose. He currently owns his own financial advisor firm, Convergence Point Wealth Advisors. Jeff lives in Louisville, Colorado, with his wife Mindy and three sons, Jeff, Jon, and Josh.

He blogs regularly on life, leadership and meaningful business at www.JeffCaliguire.com and www.TheHabitsofHope.com

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