Grief and How To Say The Right Thing with Laura Jack

When her mother suddenly died, Laura Jack was sent for a tailspin without her guiding light and had no idea what to do next. Having lost her enthusiasm for living, Laura started over again and began an exploration of yoga, massage, pilates, nutrition coaching, and anything else she could do to find her way through the grief.

In a pure moment of connection with her mother beyond the veil, Laura received guidance for her soul purpose, and a way to turn sorrow into service. She dove into grief counseling and now helps the people who always are confided in during the toughest circumstances — the bartenders, hair stylists, counselors, waiters, bosses, friends and family— to know the right thing to say when the wrong thing happens.

Watch this interview for insights into loss and grief, mystical moments of connection beyond the veil, and sage advice for how to be compassionate when people are going through difficult situations.

If you want to see us talking, you can watch the interview on Vimeo.

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More About Laura Jack

Laura Jack is a trainer for the Grief Recovery Institute® and Mastery Level Transformational Life Coach. Using practices of self-care and self-love she helps people rediscover their light after loss. Laura’s mission is to cultivate a culture of compassion, starting with self, and to create a better understanding about loss and its accompanying grief. Laura is the author of the upcoming book, Compassion Code: How to say the right thing when the wrong thing happens.

As a Grief Recovery Specialist, Laura leads private and group Grief Recovery Support Groups across the country. These 1-1 and group experiences are for people who have experienced loss of any kind and who want to complete what is left unfinished in their relationship so they can be free to live a life with more joy and less pain.

When she’s not trying to build a more compassionate world, you can find her playing with her friends and family, walking trails in nature, or planning her next trip. Laura leads by example and thriving is the name of her game.

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