Expanding Consciousness with Crystals with Kyle Russell

The year of the Harmonic Convergence (1987), Kyle Russell innocently ventured into a crystal shop with a friend and was handed a piece of Moldavite. Almost immediately, the green meteorite stone exercised its muscle, channeling a frequency to Kyle that opened his consciousness through a series of hair-raising experiences.

Suddenly Kyle realized he was Geo-Sentient, and knew the properties of different stones and how they could be used in healing. He began working with stones to perform healing services with clients, but put aside the Moldavite for nearly 20 years. Now he has created a unique 10 category system aligned with the chakra system to help people navigate the world of stones for themselves.

Watch this interview to get goosebumps as you hear Kyle’s supernatural stories, and to learn about the 10 Human/Crystal Energy Zones which he’s called Crystal Concentrics that will help you select stone allies to support you as you navigate your life’s challenges.

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More About Kyle Russell

Kyle Russell experienced a major download in 1987 – after which he became “Geo-Sentient” – able to pick up on the energy of stones, specifically Power Stones…Crystals that focus natural energies (unlike “rocks” per se)…which he discovered have direct correspondences and use in connection with the human Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Developing a paradigm of 10 Human/Crystal Energy Zones which he’s called Crystal Concentrics, Russell has set about teaching what he knows, through classes, retreats, and individual work.

Kyle is following up on his published Crystal Meditation and Card deck with an expanded volume two, and both an online and phone App to be used as a Crystal Glossary.

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