Embracing Death to Live More Fully with Stephen Garrett

Most people run from death and avoid the endings at all costs. Stephen Garrettembraces Death as his wisest teacher who helps him let go of who he thinks he is, so he can become who he really is. His journey with Death started when his sister died unexpectedly at 36, and suddenly Stephen realized he was living someone else’s life as a Wall Street executive. That sparked a lifetime journey of discovery and steps deeper and deeper into the unknown with trust of God as his guiding light.

Listen to this interview for profound insights into living gracefully with one’s ego, surrendering control to God, and intentionally dying to the self you think you are every night so you can wake up in wonder and curiosity about who you are today.

If you want to see us talking, watch the video on Vimeo.

Stephen and I were talking after the interview, and he shared with me this powerful system for understanding whether your choices are coming from Fear or FreedomCreative or ReactiveHe offered to gift this teaching to you! Read the essay that explains the system, see the system overview, and view the system diagram. It’s a powerful way of assessing your choices and how you’re making them!

Claim Your Choice Wheel
Navigate Your Choice Wheel
Understand Your Choice Wheel

As promised, I invented a tool for myself to let go of my former career as a fall-back plan so that I could fully embrace my path as a spiritual guide. Here it is for you to try it too!
It’s a declaration you can keep making for yourself and the Universe. Print it out, and fill out the back doors that come into your awareness. For example, write down all the things your mind says when you make this statement: “If this doesn’t work, I can always…“.Take a red marker and draw a big bold X across the whole paper.
Read each statement and visualize the back door slamming shut.
Shake your body and imagine all the energy tied up in these back doors falling to the earth to be transmuted into clean energy for your passion business.
Post it on your wall.

Closing Your Back Doors Practice from Kerri Hummingbird

More About Stephen Garrett
When you first meet Stephen, you know you are meeting a man who lives life fully. A genuine heart and commitment to Life have produced in Stephen the qualities of a warrior: integrity, strength, leadership, kindness, and wisdom.Stephen has experienced success in life as a teacher, an investment banker, a social worker, and author. His greatest achievement though is his courage in the midst of adversity. Along with his success, Stephen has faced tremendous loss in his life, the death of his sister Jody, his father Lloyd and most recently his brother Peter. What makes Stephen as a man more profound than his many accomplishments is his choice to remain open, loving and steadfast in the midst of death, loss, and grief.Arising out of his personal experience’s of hospital deaths Stephen’s heart’s passion and life energy is focused on changing the conversation we have about death from one of fear and denial to one of embrace and inspiration. Stephen combines his life experience with his Masters in Leadership and Training, multiple diplomas in conflict resolution, mediation and communication, along with extensive grief and loss training. He trains and mentor health care providers in dealing with dying, death, and the associated environmental grief most health care providers experience.Explore Stephen’s Bringing Death Home and End of Life Guide Training Workshops

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