Destruction and Discovery with Anastasia Netri

Her whole life was spiraling down the toilet at 40: the career, the house, the relationship. After years of personal introspection, Anastasia Netri knew why. It was because she had built everything in her life on a poor foundation of a false belief: I am not enough. She bravely let it all go and dropped into the space of not knowing what was next. She couldn’t move. She could barely speak. She went into a solitude, an isolation from nearly everything.

From the void, emerged a feeling of completeness. For the first time in her life she realized she did not “need” anything from anyone. A couple of weeks later, she was inspired to begin writing. She wrote the truth of her soul, without worrying about what anyone else might think. She wrote and wrote, and then realized what she was writing was her book.  “Self Realization for Regular People: No Chanting, Yoga Pants, Or Hard Drugs Required” captures practical wisdom for destroying your false life and discovering your soul journey.

Watch this interview for a down-to-earth discussion about the lives we build from our false structures, and insights into how to successfully transform those ‘aha’ realization moments into a life aligned to your soul’s wisdom.

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More About Anastasia Netri

Anastasia Netri is a transformational coach who “doesn’t sugarcoat spirituality and personal growth in fluffy New Age cliches.” Her first published book, “Self Realization for Regular People” was birthed from her own awakening experience in which she lost her “false ego”. Once she could see the truth, the words in this book exploded from her. Her flagship product is the Core Genius Map, the foundation of her coaching services.

She is also the founder of the Self-Realization Collective, a membership group with teachings, practices, tools, and community support. Grounded in her keen knack for business (starting her first successful company at the age of 22) and lifted by her own journey toward self-realization (starting in her 40s), Anastasia is gifted at seeing her clients through the darkest pain and the brightest light, holding safe space for them to go deep, and delivering measurable results in their personal and business lives.

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