Confident Conversations with Yvonne Silver

Facing a lot of criticism growing up in her family, and watching her mother crumple under the negativity, Yvonne Silver vowed to herself to be a strong and confident woman.

Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to learn to confidently speak from her authentic voice, and now she teaches women entrepreneurs and leaders to flourish in business with confident conversations.

Watch this episode for insights from Yvonne’s overnight bestseller, “Words, Women & Wisdom: The Modern Art of Confident Conversations”.

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More About Yvonne Silver

Confidence Catalyst – Yvonne E.L. Silver is the Founder of Women & Wisdom Media and Flourish!  Yvonne is a Speaker, Executive Coach, Chartered Professional HR Consultant, Mentorship expert and author of the overnight bestseller “Words, Women & Wisdom: The Modern Art of Confident Conversations“. She teaches women entrepreneurs and leaders to flourish in business – by mastering their confidence and refining their authentic voice, so they can have more sales and grow their team – for a sustainable business that is fun and leveraging their purpose.

Yvonne speaks at conferences and shares insights including: One Woman Fearless Summit, BPW National Conference, Lead with Purpose Conference, and podcasts such as “WINGS of Inspired Business” and “The Top 1%” podcasts. Her “Words Women And Wisdom Show” on BBS Radio showcases inspiring women’s journeys from chaos to confidence. Also, her special needs son Alex is following in her entrepreneurial footsteps, using his artistic talent to sell his paintings to raise money for Operation Smile surgeries.

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