Claiming the Gold in Your Story with Kim O’Neill

Her friends kept telling her she was self-sabotaging, but Kim O’Neill didn’t see it until a friendship breakup left her devastated and ready to look into her shadows. What she found there was a vulnerable truth of the impact of not having her father in her life.

Once Kim reclaimed her power by understanding her dynamics and patterns, and experienced the freedom of witnessing and letting go, she was hooked into a life of self-exploration.  She now helps clients face their own hidden blocks and uncover the gold within their challenges.

Watch this interview for an insightful discussion about the importance of claiming your story without identifying with it, and harvesting the gold in every challenge to become an unstoppable force of positive energy in the world.

More About Kim O’Neill

Kim O’Neill is a speaker, trainer, author, empowerment coach and internet radio host with heart. She speaks on the infinite possibilities every new day holds; how to move beyond life challenges; and how to confidently stand in your awesomeness with an open heart, limitless mind and grounded body. She often works with youth, job-seekers and adults who struggle to understand the value of who they innately are, guiding them to rediscover and reclaim their inner truth. Kim is both ICF certified and certified as a Law of Attraction Coach, and therefore takes a combined practical and metaphysical approach in her work. Her clients develop renewed self-confidence; increased positive self talk; the ability to see their past with fresh eyes and release old wounds; and learn how to say YES to themselves so they can experience more joy and fulfillment. This empowers them to connect with their whole self so they have a stable foundation from which to spring forward. In 2017, Kim co-authored the first edition of Positive Minded People: Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Adversity for Living a More Positive Life. Kim is also a Reiki Master Practitioner, Infinite Possibilities Trainer, youth mentor and Host of the “Every Day is a New Day” show on

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