Awakening Made Simple with Andrew Seaton

Fascinated by the potential of the human experience, and frustrated by the lack of depth in human society, Andrew Seaton dedicated himself to exploring philosophy, psychology, and spirituality for over 4 decades. He wondered if he would ever discover what was beneath the surface of the every day.

Now Andrew has distilled his lifetime of inquiry into the book “Spiritual Awakening Made Simple: How to See Through the Mist of the Mind to the Peace of the Here and Now”. In this book he shares how simple it is to clear away the mist of the conditioned mind and instantly drop into the awareness Self, which is who you really are.

Watch this interview for practical insights into the process of awakening.

READ: Spiritual Awakening Made Simple: How to See Through the Mist of the Mind to the Peace of the Here and Now

More About Andrew Seaton

Andrew Seaton is an author, educator, counselor and mentor for spiritual awakening. For more than four decades, he delved deeply into educational philosophy and psychology; old wisdom and new science; reports of higher consciousness; and a wide range of personal development, holistic wellness and spiritual awareness practices. As Andrew experienced all the personal ups and downs of his life, his working life was quite varied, but mostly in education. He had many different roles in that field, most of them relating to education of the whole person. His award-winning PhD thesis was titled “Investing in Intelligence: An Inquiry into Educational Paradigm Change.” Andrew came to see that in our world we are generally making some deeply flawed assumptions about knowledge, human nature and quality of life. In 2006, he resigned from a two-year stint as an education academic in order to focus on unlearning his education and other conditioning, and on awakening the fuller functioning that he had come to see so clearly is possible and desirable.

Andrew has recently experienced major changes in his consciousness and way of being in the world. Throughout 2017 and 2018, he was very focused on living the insights and practices he describes in his book Spiritual Awakening Made Simple: How to See Through the Mist of the Mind to the Peace of the Here and Now (John Hunt Publishing, 2020). In September of 2018, Andrew’s spiritual awakening began in earnest with a beautiful dream followed by energy flows through his body.

Through his writings, talks and 1-on-1 counseling support and mentoring via online conferencing, Andrew now helps others to clear away the mist of the conditioned mind and awaken to their true nature as the peace-filled observing awareness beyond the mind. He speaks to groups, podcasters and radio interviewers about how, contrary to popular belief and experience, spiritual awakening is both natural and achievable.

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