Authenticity and Your Inner Voice with Norma Hollis

Norma Hollis learned early in her life about the power of the divine to heal you. Years of deep painful ear aches that no doctor could heal were miraculously abated following a spiritual healing where she promised to give her life to God. Perhaps because of this experience, Norma was aware of her inner voice through much of her life, and was able to discern the difference between what people expected of her, and what she knew was right for her.

Years of personal inquiry listening to her inner guidance led Norma to develop a 9-part authenticity assessment which she tested over a dozen years, and has successfully brought into corporations and organizations year after year to help cultivate cultures that value authenticity.

Watch this interview for fabulous insights into how to listen to your heart to feel the right decision, test your inner voice as your best friend, and be the authentic YOU everywhere you go. She also shares the evolution of corporate America and how the companies that will survive in this new era are those with soul.

More About Norma Hollis

Norma Hollis is a human development specialist and entrepreneur who has consulted at Fortune 500 companies, directed large non-profits, coached C-suite executives, and written programs for authentic leadership, building dynamic teams and creating engaging corporate cultures. She spent 30 years researching human nature from multiple perspectives to determine what makes people and organizations ‘authentic’. The result is her Authenticity Grid and Authenticity Assessment, tools she developed and uses to reveal how the nine dimensions of authenticity impact individuals and organizations. She offers cutting-edge delivery methodologies that provide the self-awareness needed to build authentic leaders, dynamic teams, inspired customer service personnel and engaged work environments.

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