Ascension Conversation with Julius with Kasey and Brad Wallis

If you’re tuned into Soul Nectar Show, you know that Earth is in the midst of a huge transformation and ascension process. As a human on the planet at this time, you’re probably undergoing a lot of inner and outer change. You may wonder…where is all of this going? How do I cope with it?

Kasey and Brad Wallis channel an advanced intelligence named Julius, a Higher Light Teaching Group, who offers messages of empowerment and enlightenment for humanity. Through Kasey and Brad, Julius offers wisdom to help guide and support people through the ascension process which includes eliminating judgment, resistances and lack in their lives. 

Watch this interview with Kasey and Brad for an experience of Julius, which also started flowing through Kerri Hummingbird. This interview is packed with gold nuggets of wisdom and profound realizations. Enjoy!

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About Kasey and Brad Wallis

Kasey and Brad Wallis are renowned speakers, global workshop leaders, and facilitators of consciousness and why we are here. Kasey and Brad have been interviewed on over 400 media outlets. They have been featured guests on TV, such as CNN, Fox News, NBC, and ABC, as well as on radio, Telesummits, podcasts, and as key speakers at consciousness expos. Since Brad’s near-death experience, they have been conduits for an advanced intelligence named Julius, a Higher Light Teaching Group, who offers messages of empowerment and enlightenment for humanity. 

For over 10 years, the Wallis’ have been inviting people worldwide to embrace their true limitlessness. Originally Kasey was trained as a hairdresser of 35 years, and Brad was drafted to play for a professional baseball team. They came together because of a car accident in 2007. Today Brad is the author of several books, while he and Kasey travel the country speaking, leading workshops and being interviewed.

Through their programs, retreats, online courses, and personal readings, they guide and support people in eliminating judgement, resistances and lack in their life. Kasey and Brad (and the energy known as Julius that comes through to teach and guide) assist people to heal themselves, offer online classes as well as their latest workshop, R-Factoring, using unique techniques that heal repeated, negative patterns for people on a neurological level.

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