Ascending Through Spirituality with Calvin Witcher

Starting out as a child growing up in a Christian family, Calvin Witcher’s innate psychic abilities were often misunderstood and feared, leaving him feeling isolated and strange. It took him awhile to realize that he knew things that other people did not expect him to know, and he was able to access information that other people did not seem to know how to access.

Perhaps because of these early experiences, Calvin became very interested in learning about all the religions and mystical traditions in the world, and then swung the pendulum to learn about various forms of spirituality. Now he leads a community of people interested in spiritual growth that includes Christians, wiccans, buddhists, and everything in between.

Watch this interview with Calvin for a fascinating discussion that has gold nuggets of wisdom every step of the way.

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About Calvin Witcher

Calvin Witcher is a World-Renowned Prophet, Spiritual Teacher & Medium, Healer, and Best Selling Author with an international community. Recently, Calvin appeared on the two-part documentary, “Harry & Meghan: A Modern Royal Romance” where he gave his psychic and astrological insights about the royal union of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. Calvin and his work can also be seen on Success Magazine, iTunes’ Top 30 spiritual video podcasts, and Amazon, just to name a few.

Countless people have been profoundly inspired by Calvin’s videos, workshops, lectures, books and writings. For over two decades, Calvin (affectionately known as “Prophet”) is recognized for his divine insights, channeled guidance from beyond, and his ability to make the supernatural a practical encounter in every life.

Simply put, Calvin is here to help people heal from the past, understand the present, and prepare for the future. His teachings reinforce Spirit’s message of hope to humanity, all to promote collective awakening and accelerate personal empowerment.

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